The Top Destinations For American Travelers Revealed

New York and Mexico top the list of travel destinations for Americans this year in a new report.

At this point in the year, you’ve either finished making travel plans for the holidays or maybe you’ve decided against traveling for one reason or another. If that’s the case, then you could very well want to go somewhere next year during the holidays. Well, a new report from Airlines Reporting Corporation (or ARC) may very well give you some ideas as to where to travel to next.

In a Travel Industry Wire press release issued by (ARC) this past Monday, the top 10 international destinations and U.S. cities where people travel to during the Christmas-New Year’s break (which for many is from Dec. 23, 2018, to Jan. 1, 2019) has been unveiled for this year. The press release also revealed that plane ticket sales increased for countries in Europe. This includes Italy (up 21 percent), the United Kingdom (up 20 percent), with France and Spain (tied for 12 percent). Meanwhile, domestic travel by plane decreased in 2018. The cities most affected included Washington, D.C. (down 14 percent); San Francisco, California (down 12 percent); Los Angeles, California (down 8 percent); Boston, Massachusetts (down 6 percent); and New York City, New York (down 5 percent).

When it came to international travel during Christmas, both Central America and Europe dominated the ARC’s top 10 list- save for the number one pick, Mexico. The European countries included the United Kingdom (number two); Italy (number six); France (number seven); Spain and the Canary Islands (number eight); and Germany (number ten). Meanwhile, the Central America countries listed were the Dominican Republic (number three); Jamaica (number four); the U.S. territory Puerto Rico (number five); and The Bahamas (number nine).

Despite the dip in domestic travel, it’s clear that people were still very much travelling about the United States by plane. The most popular city that people flocked to during the holidays was New York City, New York. Los Angeles and San Francisco, California came in at number two and three respectively. Seattle, Washington ranked number four, whereas Chicago, Illinois ranked number five. Orlando, Florida was number six; Denver, Colorado was number seven; Boston, Massachusetts was number eight; and Washington, D.C. was number nine Finally, Cancun rounded off the list at number ten.

So it’s clear that more people tend to fly to other countries during Christmas break more than to other cities in the U.S. But to say that people aren’t travelling as much at all would be completely false. Traveling elsewhere for the holidays is, for many people, their last chance to do so before the year draws to a close. So if you can travel during the holidays, why not do it?

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