The secret extra use for the bathroom hairdryer in hotels

HOTEL rooms contain many mysteries, including why there are never plug sockets next to the bed or how come the curtains never meet in the middle?

But it seems like one of the strangest – why hairdryers are built into the bathroom – has finally been solved.

A water-heavy room is a weird place for an electrical appliance to be situated, but it turns out that can actually be to your benefit when the mirror is steamed up.

One travel expert told Quora: "Use your hotel hairdryer to defeat the mirror fog as it will removed the condensation – I usually draw a box and it comes clear quickly.

"Another option would be to take shaving cream and wipe it on the mirror before the shower – when you’re done with the shower wherever you put the shaving cream will be fog free."

That being said, you might want to pack your own hairdryer, according to experts.

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A study has revealed the dirtiest parts of the rooms – and the humble hairdryer was one of the worst.

In the study for ABC, microbiologist Charles Gerba tested nine hotel rooms across Los Angeles, ranging from three to five stars.

In most hotel rooms, the hairdryer had even more germs than the toilet seat.

It is thought that the problem occurs because cleaners tend to focus on items like the toilet, bath and sink in a hotel bathroom.

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Much like light switches and room service menus, the hairdryer is touched by many guest hands but not seen as a dirty item.

This means that they become increasingly dirty over an extended period of time.

He said: “There must be some things you can do with a hairdryer that I am not aware of because some of them were pretty germy.”

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You should also never sit on the hotel room chairs without putting something on top of it.

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