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A BEACH in the UK has been described as "glorious" by visitors who turn up for its clear seas, wildlife and unique "singing" sands.

The UK is home to some beautiful empty shorelines, particularly up north in the more remote parts of Scotland.

One such place is in the Ardnamurchan peninsula, where the forest meets the sand and sea.

Camas an Lighe is most famous for its noisy sands, which are said to "sing" when people walk on them – giving it its nickname Singing Sands.

The Beach Guide describe it as a "haven for beachgoers looking for rugged landscape and seclusion".

The bay is near Gortenfern in the north east of the peninsula and forms part of a larger site, made of four bay dunes.

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Wild Lochaber explained exactly why the sand "sings" when people walk on it at certain times.

They said it was caused by "a predisposition caused by the shape and size of the sand grains and the silica content.

"To 'sing' the sand also needs to be of the right humidity.

"The sound is caused by wind blowing over the surface or by the shuffle of feet or boots through the sand."

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It's not only humans who enjoy swimming in its waters either, with seals frequent visitors.

They, along with cormorants, are among the wildlife that can be spotted in the waters and the skies around the beach.

It's also a popular spot with bird watchers on the lookout for white-tailed eagles.

One person who enjoyed their visit to the beach was Tiktoker @beatificsmilex who urged others to go and "hear the sand sing".

Others rated it highly on TripAdvisor, where it has an overall score of five stars.

One wrote: "Must-visit on Eigg. The sand squeaks under your feet as you walk. And the beach makes for a great picnic spot, with lots of caves and waterfalls."

Another said: "The beach is glorious and well worth it. Smooth sands, long beech with easy swimming and fantastic views out to Rum."

A third added: "Singing Sands was stunning, swimming in the sea a holiday highlight."

Singing Sands isn't the only musical beach capturing people's imaginations online.

Another in Australia known as Squeaky Beach also has the same phenomenon.

The seaside paradise is located on the western side of Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria.

It looks out onto distant islands and granite headlands.

Tourists often share the bizarre discovery on social media.

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