The incredible Center Parcs that is £1,200 cheaper during half term holidays | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she saved more than £1,200 on a Center Parcs holiday during the half term.

Mum Bex explained in a recent TikTok how she booked a holiday for just £447 rather than £1,699.

Her trick? Ditching the UK and going to a Center Parcs in Europe.

She explained in a TikTok video: "When you go to Center Parcs in Belgium for half term because it's €519 (£447) instead of the £1,699 it costs in the UK."

She added in the comments: "Even with the Eurotunnel and petrol factored in it's still nearly £1,000 cheaper."

Bex explained she paid £150 for fuel and £220 on the Eurotunnel, so still saved on the holiday.

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More than 3.4million people watched the video on TikTok, and people were obsessed with the hack.

One person wrote: "The UK pricing for holidays in half term is just a joke. Well done you for getting a bargain!"

Another said: "Had the best holidays in Belgium and Germany for half the price of UK and Ireland.

A third simply said: "Brilliant idea!"

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There are lots of Center Parc resorts in Europe tooCredit: Center Parcs
Many of the European Center Parcs are much cheaper than the UKCredit: Center Parcs
Bex went to Center Parcs De Vossermeren in BelgiumCredit: Center Parcs

The park Bex went to was De Vossermeren, and she said she used the Eurotunnel which connects Folkestone in the UK to Calais, before driving three hours to the park.

Or if you fancy flying it is 21 miles from Eindhoven Airport, with flights starting from £14.99 before a 30 minute drive to the park.

The park has everything the UK park has, including woodland lodges, an aquapark, two huge lakes and a new nature trail.

Others sang the praises of others in Europe, such as the Eindhoven Center Parcs in the Netherlands.

Mum Catherine told the Sun how she paid just £680 for a week in the Netherlands Center Parcs.

She said: "My family of five did just that over Easter and we were blown away by how much we got for our money in the Netherlands, compared to a woodland break at home.

And someone else said on TikTok: "We just did the same with Center Parcs France. Bargain vs the UK!"

If you really want to stay in the UK, there is a holiday park which people say is better – and cheaper – than Center Parcs.

And here are some other holiday parks in the UK which you can visit this summer.

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