The hidden flight detail that could ruin your holiday and leave you thousands out of pocket | The Sun

NEXT time you're booking a flight abroad, you might want to check the airline you are flying with, otherwise it could leave your holiday in ruins.

Many airlines have "codeshare" flights, which can be a good thing for travellers.

Codeshare flights are when two airlines make an agreement to sell tickets for each others flights

For example, British Airways codeshares with a number of international airlines including American Airlines, Qantas and Aer Lingus.

And Virgin Atlantic codeshares with Air France, Delta and KLM.

This can be good as it lets you book entire flights with one airline, even if they don't fly to a certain destination with their own aircraft.

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It is also good if you are a frequent flyer as you can use your air miles with codeshare partners.

However, this could also cause you problems.

A boy was recently stopped from boarding his flight after not realising he had been booked onto a codeshare ticket.

Charlie Read, 12, was travelling with Qantas from Auckland to see his dad in Thailand, the first time he was seeing him in nine months.

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As he was travelling by himself, he needed to have flight support.

However, the second connecting flight was with Emirates – and he had only booked the extra support with Qantas, so was banned from boarding.

It can also cause problems with your luggage allowance, seeing as every airline has different rules.

And even if you pay for a premium economy or business class seat, you may not get the equivalent.

If you want to check if your flight is a codeshare flight, most airlines will mention this during the booking process.

For example, if you are booking a Virgin flight but half of the route was with Delta, it is likely to say "Operated by Delta".

You can also spot lots of information about your flight by your boarding pass too

Airline codes are simple – QF is Qantas, Virgin Atlantic is VS, AA is American Airlines, BA is British Airways and NZ is Air New Zealand.

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There are other codes on your boarding pass too, including SSSS which is always bad news.

The code, which only applies if you are travelling to the US, means “Secondary Security Screening Selection.”

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