The free apps you can use to check if you’re being spied on in your hotel room

MORE than 1,600 hotel guests were filmed without their knowledge by a gang in South Korea.

The perverts hid the cameras in TV boxes, wall sockets and hairdryers in hotel rooms, and the footage was live-streamed to a private website.

According to the police, 43 rooms across 30 hotels in ten different cities were targeted.

For travellers who are understandably worried about being spied on, there are a number of ways to check if your room has been fitted with a hidden camera – including by looking out for unusual wires or objects in the room that are out of the ordinary.

There are also a number of mobile apps – both free and paid for – that developers say you can use to detect any hidden cameras.

They work in two different ways – by using infrared technology to find lights or using magnetic waves to detect radiation from hidden devices.

So if you're worried about being spied on, here are a few apps you can try:

Hidden Camera Detector, Android, Free

This app takes advantage of the magnetometer feature on some Android phones – essentially it uses the magnetic sensor to find cameras within a room.

You have to move your phone close to the suspicious object and then the app analyses any magnetic activities.

If it finds one that's similar to a camera, it will beep to alert you.

Spy Camera Detector and Locator, Android, Free

The app uses both infrared and magnetic detection to find hidden cameras.

The magnetic sensors on your phone is used to detect radiation, while the infrared sensor can help you find the white or red lights on hidden cameras that the eye cold struggle to detect.

Hidden Camera Detector, iOS, £4.99

This is the iPhone version of the Hidden Camera Detector.

It detects smaller camera, such as pinhole versions, rather larger ones such as on laptops or screens.

It also allows you to save the GPS location of where a camera is located for later use.

Spy Hidden Camera Detector, iOS, £3.99

There are two ways to use the app – manual and automatic.

The automatic mode uses the phone's camera to help you locate hidden devices while there's also a back up magnetic meter, which when used manually, can help you find spy cameras.

A number of Airbnb guests have also found hidden spy cameras in the properties, installed by the homeowners.

One man complained to Airbnb who told him he consented to being filmed as the camera appeared in images on the website, before they apologised and offered a refund.

Another guest found a hidden camera in the digital alarm clock in the bedroom.

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