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LET'S face it, going on holiday abroad costs a lot and it's only going to get pricier thanks to the cost of living crisis.

As a result, it's wise to make savings where you can, and that includes while at the airport – not usually known for being cheap.

There are a number of items that come completely free at the airport though, if you know where to look. Read on to find out more….

1. Wifi

Chances are, you've got some time to kill while waiting for you plane and are tempted to surf the internet.

But that comes with roaming charges, which can prove costly.

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So it's always worth checking out the airport wifi situation, which you can usually sign up to by just entering a few personal details like your email address.

Just make sure that you don't log into any sites that require you to enter a password, because hackers that are on the same network as you could steal it, and will be able to access your accounts remotely.

Free public WiFi connections, like the type you get in hotels, are not secure and can easily be hacked, so logging on to sites that hold your sensitive information puts you at risk.

2. Water

These seems obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many travellers spent money on bottles of water when it is available at most UK airports for free.

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Just make sure to turn up with your reusable bottle empty, so it doesn't get confiscated by airport security.

Then fill it up at a filtered water station before you reach your boarding gate.

3. Luggage tag

Most airlines have luggage tags available at check in desks, so you can mark your bags.

It's worth doing, to make your life easier if the suitcase goes missing.

But avoid putting their home address on it – as it puts your house at risk if the bag is stolen.

An expert told USA Today: “Don't list your home address on luggage tags. Play it safe by using electronic luggage tags, or by listing only your basic contact information on a luggage tag.

“Virtually everyone within an airport can see the information written on your suitcase tag, so limiting the personal information while providing enough for the airline to return lost luggage is key.

“Most experts agree that if you can avoid listing your home address, you will be less likely to be targeted for a robbery while you are away."

Instead, put your mobile phone number, your email and your work address.

4. Soft Play

Plenty of UK airports have soft play areas and games zones in their terminals so kids can burn off some energy before boarding.

While some of them are pretty basic, some at airports like Heathrow are good enough that you'd pay a few quid for entry in the outside world.

We've rounded up all the UK airports with soft play areas and kids zones.

Certain large airports like Heathrow operate a kids eat free policy at some of their restaurants during the school holidays.

So if an adult chooses an item from the main menu your kids can eat for free.

Restaurants taking part at Heathrow include Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food, Giraffe, Leon and Pride at Fullers.

Check here for the full list of restaurants taking part.

5. Magazines and newspapers

This depends on the airport, but a number of the bigUK ones give away free newspapers and magazines.

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They'll be displayed on stands as you make your way to the boarding gate.

Some place even offer the really fancy magazines – they're usually displayed outside the entrance to the exclusive airport lounges, so track that spot down and check there aren't any glossies being given away for free.

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