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A TOUR guide has revealed two huge hotel mistakes that cost tourists extra money every year.

The cost of accommodation is on the rise anyway, meaning holidaymakers are forking out more than they normally would for places to stay.

However, simple mistakes can leave them even further out of pocket, if they're not careful.

One of those is not bringing small items that hotels usually charge extra for.

Everyone knows that the minibar and the snacks in the room cost extra, but some people end up paying anyway, because they forgot to come prepared.

Brian Cicioni, who has been a tour guide for six years, said that "rookie mistakes" like this can add up.

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He told Insider: "Some hotels charge a premium for things visitors commonly need or forget at home, like sunscreen, snacks, or bottled water."

He recommends people always bringing refillable water bottles and some light snacks whenever they stay in hotels.

He continued: "Paying for bottled water when you can bring an empty bottle and refill it at a hotel gym is a simple rookie mistake. I also suggest just bringing granola bars or snacks with you."

Brian also revealed that travellers waste needless money staying in the wrong part of the city.

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He recommends "a little bit of research and activity planning" for holidaymakers to work out where it's most beneficial for them to be staying.

Instead of booking in the busiest part of a destination, people should first work out if that's where they'll be spending most of their time, so they aren't wasting time and money travelling back and forth.

The difference in price between a hotel in a city centre and one elsewhere can be massive.

However, staying in those areas can be counter-productive for people who are only going to rack up costs on public transport.

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There are other ways people can end up spending too much on hotels as well.

Accommodation providers are starting to charge in the same way that airlines do, with "unbundling" or "drip pricing" becoming more frequently seen online.

With airlines, baggage, seat selection and in-flight food and drink are just some of the ways they can charge passengers extra.

However, with hotels, guests will be quoted a price for the room, but then as they make their way through to the checkout page, additional fees are added on.

Things like wi-fi, early check in, late check out and sometimes cleaning fees are all gradually added to the price, suddenly making it seem like a lot less of a bargain.

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