The airports offering on arrival coronavirus testing – including Germany, Italy and Turkey

THE UK hopes to roll out coronavirus testing at airports by next month to reduce the quarantine measures – although a number of locations in Europe and the US have already started.

Here are some of the airports already offering coronavirus testing on arrival.

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Munich Airport, Germany

Leading the way for airport testing is Germany, with three airports offering the rapid tests.

At Frankfurt and Munich, the tests are free for anyone arriving from a high-risk country, which includes the UK.

If coming from a non-risk country, then you must pay for the test, and Dusseldorf Airport charges €59 euros for the test regardless.

Passengers flying to Munich have to fill in this form 24 hours before arrival, while Dusseldorf arrivals have to sign into the Centogene portal here.

Brits currently have to quarantine for 10 days on arrival to Germany, with a negative test on the fifth day ending this, as well as quarantine for two weeks back in the UK.

Rome Fiumicino Airport, Italy

Rome was one of the first to offer Covid testing at the airport, with arrivals from a number of destinations including the UK offered them on arrival.

Passengers have to fill in a form pre-arrival or do a paper version before being able to enter the test station.

They are also offered for departing flights to Milan.

Brits currently have to have a negative PCR test to enter the country or have a free test on arrival, as well as quarantine for two weeks back in the UK when returning from Italy.

Istanbul Airport, Turkey

Istanbul Airport isn't enforcing coronavirus testing on arrival, but has the facilities offering it and may make travellers who have a high temperature take one.

Passengers who are told to get tested must first queue before taking a number and paying the 110 Turkish lira.

Results are given between two to four hours, with negative results allowing you to holiday as normal, and negative results leading to a quarantine.

Brits must currently quarantine for two weeks when returning to the UK from Turkey.

Which countries require a negative Covid test before arrival?

  • Greece
  • Canary Islands (from November 14)
  • Cyprus
  • Azores & Madeira

Vienna and Salzburg Airport, Austria

Two airports in Austria offer testing facilities for arrivals.

Austria is not enforcing coronavirus testing on UK arrivals unless arriving from the North East, East Midlands or Yorkshire and the Humber.

Testing on arrival is available, however, at Vienna and Salzburg airports, for around €120 per test.

Passengers from the restricted UK areas must have a negative PCR test before travelling, or be forced to pay for the test.

Brits must currently quarantine for two weeks in the UK when returning from Austria.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE

Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have testing facilities at the airport.

While Brits do not have to have a negative Covid test for Dubai, those who choose not to must have a test on arrival, of which a negative one will result in quarantine.

A negative PCR test is mandatory for the rest of the UAE, as well as a test on arrival.

Brits must currently quarantine for two weeks in the UK after returning from the UAE.

Multiple airports, US

While the US borders are currently closed to UK travellers, a number of states have set up testing facilities for arrivals.

Tampa International Airport in Florida is offering $150 PCR tests or a $60 rapid antigen test.

New York's JFK and LaGuardia also offer tests on arrival, along with California, San Francisco, Vermont and New Jersey.

Heathrow Airport are hoping to roll out the coronavirus testing .

They already offer it on flights to Hong Kong.

Other airports which offer coronavirus testing include Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

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