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A WOMAN revealed how an easy passport mistake meant she was banned from boarding her flight to Spain.

Modina Shokeye explained on her Tiktok video how she made the mistake.

She said in a previous video that she was denied boarding from her Ryanair flight to Ibiza after incorrectly counting how many months her passport had left.

She then had to drive to try and get an emergency passport, but was turned away – so couldn't fly – while the rest of her friends went out.

Modina explained in her video: "I only booked Ibiza two weeks prior to me flying out.

"My passport expires August 14 and my holiday was June 9 to June 14, so by the time I came back, I'd still have three months left on my passport – so I thought.

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"Because I was counting June, July and August – but you are supposed to count July, August, September. So I was a whole month out."

She added that she thought she had a "valid passport" and didn't want to try and renew it as she wouldn't get in back in time due to the application delays.

Modina continued: "If I'd given away my old passport I wasn't able to fly out on those dates as I knew there were no emergency appointments and I had to go through the normal way of doing it.

"It was annoying, but that was why I booked it as I thought my passport would be valid when I came back to England."

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People in the comments also explained how she made the mistake.

One person wrote: "Two months. 14th June to 14th July, 1 month, 14th July to 14th August, 1 month. You don’t count June July and August."

Others were less kind: "Yeah this is 100% your fault. Taking 5 minutes to think things through would have really helped. Nevermind, you live and learn right!"

The new rules have been in place since the UK left the EU, although many may not be aware of them due to the pandemic suspending travel.

Brits must have at least three months left on their passport to enter countries in Europe.

It's not just this rule that Brits need to check on their passport as well.

The start date – or 'date of issue' – is the next thing to be checked on your passport to avoid any last-minute chaos.

This is because new rules no longer allow Brits to have passports that have more than 10 years left on them.

Previously, UK passport holders could roll over up to nine months from their previous documents – these are no longer valid, meaning the expiry date may not be the real expiry date.

Instead, you should make sure the start date is 10 years or less when you are travelling.

Back in November, a mum was banned from her flight after she was told her passport was out of date – even though it wasn't.

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And one woman lost out on her £2,600 dream holiday due to confusion over her passport's expiry dates.

If you need to renew your passport, it can be done online, costing £75.50, or via a paper application form available at the Post Office for £85.

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