South Korean island paints everything purple to attract more visitors

Roses are red, violets are blue. This island is purple to attract me and you.

Residents of Banwol, in South Korea, wanted to stand out from other tourist destinations in the area to get more visitors.

They came up with a rather unusual solution: Transforming Banwol into a purple paradise, painting everything from the landmarks to the houses a lilac shade.

Inspired by the flower campanula – which grows in abundance locally – 400 rooves were given the purple revamp, alongside phone boxes, bridges, and more.

Banwol is now known as ‘purple island’, and has become a popular destination for travellers in South Korea (while coronavirus restrictions are in place and residents cannot travel abroad).

To make it even prettier, the government has also planted 230,000 square feet of lavender fields, as well as a 30,000 purple New England wildflowers.

Additions including a hotel, a cafe, a restaurant, and a bike hire shop have all been put into place for tourists and the 150 residents on Banwol and neighbouring Bakji Island – most of whom work in agriculture.

Since the paint job, over 100,000 people visited between June and August last year, a 20% jump from 2019. We clearly want those ‘grammable purple pictures.

Check out this beautiful small island:

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