Ryanair passenger slams ‘gross’ toilet during flight after being told to wash his hands using water bottles – The Sun

A RYANAIR passenger was left horrified after finding the filthy bathroom strewn with dirty tissues along with a sign telling passengers to use a water bottle to wash their hands.

Passenger Ed Evans, 23, filmed the cramped bathroom during a flight from London to Alicante with the low-cost airline.

Posted on his Twitter account, he wrote: "No wonder @Ryanair is so cheap. How shocking is this."

In the video, a piece of paper on the floor reads: "Please use water bottle to wash hands. Sorry for inconvenience."

He then films a number of water bottles in the sink, both with hardly any water left in them.

The toilet was also blocked with puddles of water on the floor of the cramped bathroom.

Ed, from Swindon, could barely able to fit in the bathroom, with the sloped ceiling meaning he could only just stand up.

He told Mail Online that it was "appalling" and "gross" and wasn't able to ask for help from the flight crew as they only spoke Spanish.

He added that not only was the toilet not flushed, but there was no soap in there either.

The bricklayer added: "It's put me off using the airline again."

A Ryanair spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: "In line with industry standards, our cabin crew carry out a cabin tidy and toilet check at the end of every flight, and at the end of each day all Ryanair aircraft are thoroughly cleaned."

Another Ryanair passenger previously found a horrifying bathroom on board, with grime and dirt over the toilet sink.

In 2017, passengers accused Ryanair of ditching soap in the toilets, according to cabin crew, although Ryanair refuted this.

Flight attendants have revealed that walking barefoot into the bathroom is the worst thing you can do on a flight.

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