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TWO Ryanair passengers recently went to extreme lengths to avoid paying extra for their hand luggage.

Budget airline Ryanair has one of the strictest carry-on allowances with basic fare ticket holders only allowed to bring a small backpack or handbag on board.

In a bid to skirt around the strict hand luggage requirements, and avoid paying additional fees, holidaymakers are going to extreme lengths to sneak their belongings onto flights.

TikTok user @watchyoup recently posted a video of themselves stuffing items of clothing into the lining of their coats.

A caption over the video read: "The best Ryanair travel hack, put your clothes into your jacket by cutting open the pocket."

The footage showed two travellers rolling their clothes into balls before stuffing them into the lining of their coat pockets.

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As they walked through the security and boarding gates, they tried not to look "suspicious" and "hoped" their travel hack would work.

Luckily, the pair weren't caught, and their trick worked.

At the end of the video, they even revealed that they'd managed to smuggle an extra bag's worth of clothes on for free.

But this isn't the only drastic measure passengers have taken to increase their hand luggage space on a Ryanair flight.

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Earlier this year, a woman hid a compression packing cube under her jumper.

She tied the packing cube to her stomach before pulling her hoody over the "bump" in a bid to look pregnant.

Despite sounding unbelievable, the holidaymaker successfully made her way through the boarding gate without being stopped by anyone.

Tricks and tips for avoiding cabin bag fees have become popular among travellers on TikTok.

Some of these hacks include taking the filling out of a neck pillow and replacing it with clothes, or wearing multiple layers of clothes on the flight.

While these hacks may seem like a bit of fun, holidaymakers who are caught sneaking on extra luggage may be charged by the airline.

Here are some of the best packing hacks currently on TikTok.

And one travel expert has revealed how to fit a week's worth of clothing into hand luggage.

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