Rules on bringing baby milk on a flight and more tips parents need to know

Hand luggage rules have become increasingly strict in recent years, including 100ml restrictions on all liquids.

But what if you’re travelling with a baby and need to bring milk and food to keep your little one nourished?

The good news for parents is that baby food and milk are not subject to the same restrictions.

In fact, the 100ml doesn’t apply for breast milk, formula or soya milk which you are bringing for your baby.

However, it’s worth noting that these will need to go through airport security, and staff are entitled to ask you to open the container/taste it as part of the process.

Although there is no legal limit, it’s also worth checking with your airline ahead of time – you can see some of the major airline policies below.

To give parents a helping hand, we’ve put together a guide on the rules around baby milk and food if you’re flying…

Baby milk

Baby milk is not subject to the 100ml restrictions.

You can bring individual containers with up to 2,000ml of breast milk in your hand luggage, and your hold luggage.

Formula milk, sterilised water and soya milk are allowed in your hand luggage but only if your baby is travelling with you at the time, otherwise you won’t be able to bring these on board.

Breast milk however can be brought on board even if you are not travelling with your baby.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be allowed to bring frozen breast milk with you in your hand luggage, although you are allowed to store this in your hold luggage.

All other liquids you bring will be subject to the usual 100ml restrictions.

Baby food

Baby food is not subject to the 100ml rules.

You can bring baby food with you in both hand luggage and hold luggage, even if you are not travelling with your baby at the time. (The same rules apply to breast milk and cooling gel packs).

You can also find out more on the Home Office website.

Airline rules on baby food and milk

Airline policies can slightly vary regarding what you can bring on board. We’ve searched out some of the individual airline policies to give you an idea of what is allowed, but if you’re unsure then check with your airline and airport before you travel.

easyJet: You can bring baby food, baby milk and sterilised water in your hand luggage. These must be placed inside a clear, re-sealable plastic bag no bigger than 20x20cm. The 100ml restriction does not apply to milk or sterilised water for babies, provided that the total amount is no more than 1 litre.

British Airways: You are allowed to carry as much baby milk/food, powdered formula and sterilised water (must be in a baby bottle) as required for your trip, even if this exceeds the usual limit on liquids. These do not need to fit in the transparent bag but you should have them ready for inspection by airport security.

Norwegian: You may be permitted to bring baby food necessary for the flight on board in your hand baggage. You must be prepared to taste the food if requested by security.

Thomas Cook: You can take baby food, baby milk (powder form as well) and sterilised water in your cabin baggage. This includes: soya milk for babies, sterilised water (which must be in a clear baby bottle), formula, breast milk or cows milk (specifically for babies) and baby food. In the case of milk or sterilised water for babies, the restriction of 100ml per container does not apply, provided that the total amount is no more than 1 litre.

You can also find more tips for parents flying with babies for the first time – shared by mums and dads themselves.

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