People left furious after Hollywood star says flight attendants should be tipped – not everyone agrees | The Sun

HOLLYWOOD star Kaley Cuoco has caused uproar after suggesting that passengers should tip their flight attendants.

The actor, who played a flight attendant in the HBO show The Flight Attendant, said she had gained a new appreciation for the profession while filming for the show.

While catching a flight at Los Angeles airport, Kaley was approached by a reporter from TMZ.

She was asked if she showed her flight attendants "a bit of love" after getting more of an understanding of their jobs.

She said she did, before adding: "They should get tips".

The reporter responded by asking if everyone should tip their cabin crew members, before Kaley doubled down, saying: "Yes. Tip your flight attendant."

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However, not everyone agreed with her statement, with some people getting annoyed by her suggestion.

One retail worker suggested that she ought to be getting tips too.

She tweeted: "I'm all for tipping servers etc., but this is get out of hand.

"I realise wages suck and people work hard…but if this is the case, retail workers (like me) who spend hours helping customers, who may or may not buy anything and get shouted at, should get tips too."

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Another Twitter user argued that it was up to the airlines to pay the flight attendants, not passengers.

They said: "Everybody wants every penny we work for.

"EVERYBODY deserves a tip, but it's the company's problem not the people's. The companies just need to pay more."

A third said: "Well…. When I am an over paid actor like you Kayley, I will take that advice to heart."

Not everyone was quite so annoyed, however, with some agreeing with her idea.

One simply said: "She’s right."

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Meanwhile, this flight attendant said passengers will get better treatment if they give their cabin crew members gift cards.

Another said that they might even give passengers free upgrades if they bring in gifts.

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