Never lose your luggage again – why every traveller can now track their suitcase on a flight | The Sun

With staff shortages causing luggage to pile up at airports, the chances of your bags getting misplaced are higher than ever.

But savvy travellers are using new technology that allows them to track their suitcase by simply using their iPhone.

TikToker Katarina Mogus has revealed how she uses AirTagswith an app on her phone.

The app tracks when your suitcase will appear on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim – or if it's still at your departure airport, if you're unlucky.

In the video she says: "You can actually track it and know where your luggage is at all times."

Katarina isn't the only person to recommend the tags, with Airtags becoming a common travel accessory among millennials and Gen Z.

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A flight attendant who goes by the nameCici In the Skyon TikTok also recommends using the tags, describing them as a "little insurance policy" to make sure bags don't get lost.

In fact, one man was able to track his lost luggage after it failed to make its way onto his flight from Montreal to Dublin.

Frederic Harper told Insider : "With the AirTag, I was able to tell them not to search in Dublin, that it was still in Toronto.

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"It was super re-assuring for me to know where it was and when it moved as I had no information whatsoever on the status of my bag from Air Canada or their provider."

Other users have shared their success stories on Twitter, as they tracked their luggage during their flights.

One user wrote: "The relief of pre-knowing my luggage made it was well worth the $45 (£37) AirTag."

Another said: "I got my luggage back! One of the best things I did was throw an Airtag in my bag before I left.

"I knew where my bags where before Air Canada knew – easily the best $30 (£25) I've ever spent."

If you're not an iPhone user, there are similar items available for Android, including Tile Mates.

You can also mark items as “lost” in the Tile Mate app and invite other Tile users to help you find your item if it's out of range.

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Other TikTok users swear by the airtags for tracking luggage.

However, this model revealed how someone used the tags to stalk her.

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