Man reveals how to fly to the Maldives for just £133 – but not everyone is convinced | The Sun

A MAN has revealed a clever trick to save hundreds of flights when travelling to the Maldives.

TikTok user Rob Adcock often shares his top tips on how to save money.

A recent video revealed how to fly from the UK to the Maldives for hundreds less.

He said in the TikTok video: "This is how you can get to the Maldives for £133.

"What you want to do is get to Italy for as cheap as possible."

He showed himself using the Skyscanner app to book flights from the London Gatwick to Naples, which cost £21.

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He continued: "Then from Italy you're aiming for Abu Dhabi."

He found flights from Naples to Abu Dhabi for £39, with Wizz Air launching the new cheap route.

And finally, the flights from Abu Dhabi to the Maldives cost just £73.

This takes the total for flights to £133 – compared to direct flights to the Maldives which can be around £600.

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Thousands of people have liked the video, with lots loving his advice and wanting him to do other destinations.

However, others were less impressed due to the time it took to get there.

Using the cheap hack, he ended up showing dates leaving on May 16 – and not arriving in the Maldives until two days later on May 18.

This is compared to direct flights which take around 10 hours.

One woman wrote: "Use up all my annual leave just trying to get there."

Someone else agreed: "And only took 3 weeks to get here."

Others said it would get more expensive with luggage and hotels between each flight.

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