Luke Bryan Celebrates 14th Wedding Anniversary with Wife Caroline: 'What a Ride It Has Been'

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are celebrating 14 years of marriage.

On Tuesday, the couple each shared their own Instagram post in honor of their special day. For his tribute, Bryan, 44, posted a throwback photo from their wedding day in 2006.

"Happy 14th anniversary my love," he captioned the post. "What a ride it has been. I love you so much. We be looking young in this one. I love you @linabryan3."

For her own post, Caroline, 40, shared a carousel of six sweet and hilarious photos with her love, including one in which she jokingly strangles him as he makes a kissy face. In another, the couple smiles big for the camera with a piece of food stuck in their teeth.

"Marriage….being with the one person you get to annoy for the rest of your life," Caroline captioned her post. "Luke, you are one brave man! Happy 14th anniversary love bug! @lukebryan."

Caroline fittingly tagged the location of the post "Number 14."

The "One Margarita" singer first met Caroline at a local bar when they both were attending Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. In 2018, he recalled the on-again-off-again relationship that they had before they tied the knot.

"We'd date a little in college, and then we'd break up," Bryan said on the since-canceled talk show Pickler & Ben. "And then I would be devastated. We'd get back together, break up. Then she would be devastated."

"We finally decided we were not going to break up anymore," he continued. "And then I graduate college, and she has two more years, and then we break up again. It was like the Dark Ages for both of us. We were apart for 5½ years, which was kind of a blessing because I went off to Nashville, got all this going. She finished college. She went and actually had a career."

They reconnected and before his career got off the ground, Bryan said Caroline was the breadwinner in the household.

"When we got married, her career supported me when I was making about $10,000 a year," Bryan said. "She was the one bringing in the dough."

Of course, Bryan's more than made it up to Caroline since. For their 10th anniversary in 2016, he upgraded her engagement ring.

"It was a little 10-year anniversary gift. Ten years with me feels like a thousand," he joked to PEOPLE at the time. "It was certainly the least I could do!"

Since tying the knot in 2006, Bryan and Caroline have welcomed two sons together: Thomas "Bo" Boyer, 12, and Tatum "Tate" Christopher, 10. They also took in Bryan's nephew Til, 19, and nieces Jordan, 25, and Kris, 22, after the deaths of their mother, Bryan's sister Kelly, in 2007 and their father, Ben Cheshire, seven years later.

"We never thought twice about it," Caroline told ABC News' Robin Roberts in 2017 of her and Bryan's decision. "You know, it was never something that he and I had to sit down and talk about. 'Should we take this on?' We just did that."

Earlier this year, Bryan told PEOPLE his advice for a lasting marriage.

"Marriage is a living, breathing thing," he said. "My thing is — it might sound cliché — but just don't go to bed mad at each other. Even if you do go to bed mad at each other, don't let it snowball. Me and Caroline get at each other as much as anybody, but we try not to let it drag out and or bury our problems."

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