Is this the creepiest tourist attraction in the world? Inside the park with hundreds of statues that have human teeth

TOURISTS who want to be creeped out can head to one of the scariest attractions in the world – where the statues have real human teeth.

Created by Veijo Rönkkönen, the Finnish artist and sculptor built the 450 statues throughout his life.

Following his death in 2010, all of these statues of human figures now stand in the garden of the house in Finland where he lived with his parents.

However, the creepiest part of the statues is that some have real human teeth.

Others have eerie eyes with south effects making it even more terrifying.

Each statue is made from concrete and put in different yoga positions – another hobby of the late artist.

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As many as 25,000 people visit a year, attracting people to the Parikkala Sculpture Park.

It is open to the public, with no entrance fee but a donation is suggested.

Reviews are certainly mixed on TripAdvisor.

One person wrote: "Enough to give you nightmares. Real human teeth, cold glassy eyes and half-naked statues in every imaginable pose.

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Another person wrote: "Individual statues were just spooky. All in all a haunting place with a positive twist of creative madness."

A third admitted: "Someone may find it a bit weird, but it worth to drop by."

It isn't the only scary place in the world – an abandoned prison in Italy is being turned into an "Alcatraz-style tourist attraction".

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