Internet divided after woman refuses to give up empty row during flight to let a group of friends sit together

A WOMAN refused to give up an empty row of seats on a plane to let a group of friends sit together – dividing opinion over whether she should have or not.

Tiktok user Shelby O'Connor shared a video that showed her sitting in an empty row on a plane, wearing a face mask.

She wrote: "When someone asks if I would be willing to give up my seat with an empty row so they can sit with their friend."

She then pulled her face mask down and said: "No."

Shelby captioned the video: "Lol like how am I supposed to sleep?"

The video has been watched 1.1m times and it's split opinion from viewers, with some thinking it's perfectly reasonable for her to refuse to move, and others saying she should have given up her seat.

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One person wrote: "The audacity of people asking assigned seats to be changed."

Another put: "I don't understand what's with people asking to switch seats – like we paid for our seats and we chose them for a reason."

Someone else wrote: "People who ask to sit next to their friends should buy a seat beforehand."

A fourth put: "If someone wanted better seating, they should've booked it sooner. The other seats are PAID FOR and nobody is obligated to give them up."

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But others thought Shelby was being petty and should have moved to let the group of friends sit together.

Someone put: "Why should you get a whole row to yourself though? If they want to sit together you should have let them – you don't own the seats."

Another person agreed and said: "Half the time it doesn't really matter whether you're sitting in one seat or another. I always move when a parent asks to be with their kid."

It isn't the first time this has happened – a European exchange student in the US had a similar problem during a late night flight.

The other travellers then " talked s***" about them afterwards, with many saying they were on their side.

If you want a row to yourself during a flight, a travel expert has revealed how.

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