I'm an ex-soldier – here is how to roll your clothes when packing for a holiday | The Sun

A FORMER soldier has revealed how to roll clothes when going on holiday – and you've probably been doing it wrong.

The "ranger roll" is normally taught to soldiers and creates a naturally tight bundle that won't unroll while you pack.

A former US soldier posted a video on YouTube explaining how you can do it yourself.

He starts by placing the t-shirt flat on a table, as a hard surface makes the method easier.

The bottom of the t-shirt is then turned inside out, creating a small pocket.

The left and right side of the top are both folded into the middle, with the sleeves tucked in, creating a neat rectangle.

This is then flipped 180 degrees so you can start the rolling from the collar.

When the top is rolled all the way to the end, one of the folded hems can be pulled out and tucked around the rest of the bundle, keeping it all together in a neat shape.

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Unlike the traditional rolling technique, the folded hem keeps the t-shirt tucked in without unravelling and it's easy to roll it tightly.

Not only does the method help you to pack more items, it also helps items stay in one shape and not unroll in the bag.

People loved the hack – one person said: "This helped me so much when packing for a 1 week trip."

Another agreed: "I'm not in the army but I sure as hell like to over-pack so this has saved me from paying extra at the airport."

Sun Online previously revealed some of the other ways you can fit more items into a suitcase, include putting rolled up socks inside shoes.

This can also help the shoes retain their shape when tightly packed into a bag.

And a packing expert has explained why you need to roll and fold while packing for a holiday.

Sophie Liard, AKA The Folding Lady advises: "As a general rule of thumb we’d advise folding the following items; blazers, t-shirts, underwear, jackets, anything delicate or with embellishment and rolling the following; thicker knits, dresses, tights."

The hybrid packing and rolling approach is one supported by packing and tidying expert Marie Kondo, who revealed how she makes the most of space in her suitcase.

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