I'm a travel expert – there's an item you should always pack in your carry-on and never in your checked bag | The Sun

AN executive at a tech company specializing in luggage loss prevention has revealed the most important item to pack in your carry-on.

While checking your suitcase takes the pressure of trying to cram everything into your carry-on, it is important to know what to pack away and what to keep with you on the plane.

Yohanna Isis, the head of marking at the luggage tracking tech company Gego, told The U.S. Sun in an exclusive interview to "pack your most important and valuable items, such as medications, travel documents, electronics, and valuable jewelry, in a carry-on bag."

"This ensures that even if the checked luggage is lost, you still have your essential belongings with you."

While there is tech out there to help you track your luggage like the Gego GPS, it is important to be prepared for anything, so Yohanna also listed things to avoid tucking away in your checked bags.

"Avoid placing essential documents like passports, IDs, travel itineraries, or valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, or cash in your checked luggage," the expert said.

"Keep these items with you in your carry-on bag to minimize the risk of loss or theft."

If you do lose your luggage despite your best efforts, it is important to act fast.

"In the event that your luggage is lost, damaged, or delayed, report it immediately to the airline's baggage service desk," Yohanna said.

"Delaying the report can make it more difficult to resolve the issue and may affect any potential compensation or assistance you may be entitled to," the travel expert added.

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Yohanna said passengers should not solely rely on external luggage locks to keep their valuables safe.

"While using locks on your luggage can provide some level of security, it's important to note that they are not foolproof.

"Avoid relying solely on external locks to protect your belongings," the expert said.

Yohanna reiterated: "Valuables should be kept in your carry-on bag," adding that "it's advisable to use TSA-approved locks if you need to secure your checked luggage."

If you are going on a short vacation and opt to not check a bag, The U.S. Sun has shared tips from a mom on TikTok who explained how she packs a week's worth of clothes using just a rucksack.

The TikToker (@thetravelmum) explained that the trick is to roll your clothes up and fit them into all the spare spaces you can find in the rucksack.

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