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A TRAVEL expert has revealed why she always starts conversations with strangers when travelling, even if she's on her own.

Some people get nervous about the thought of talking to strangers, especially when in a different country, but travel TV show host Samantha Brown has encouraged people to do it.

In a video on her Instagram page she explained that it can enhance her travel experiences, while allowing her to be in control of the situation.

She said: "Talk to strangers. We've been told our entire lives that we just shouldn't do this.

"But when you talk to strangers it will completely transform your travels and especially if you're a solo female traveller, that's really wonderful.

"You don't have this travel partner, so you naturally open yourself up to others and so I strike up conversations with everybody.

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"I love it because I'm in control. I've chosen them."

However, Samantha urges caution for solo travellers when anyone strikes up a conversation with them rather than the other way around.

She said that she always keeps in mind who started the chat, and thinks about the type of questions that strangers ask of her.

She continued: "If someone strikes up a conversation with me, I keep that as information in the back of my head.

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"It acts as a filter and everything we talk about gets passed through this filter and I'm thinking about weeding out questions that could be a little bit suspicious.

"Like 'are you with anyone?' 'where are you staying?' 'where's your hotel?' that kind of stuff.

"If anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, just leave. No need to be polite. Get out of the situation.

"But I have only deeply benefited from talking to strangers, so go for it. Just be aware and trust your gut instinct."

Samantha's advice was well received by her followers, with some saying they enjoyed being in control of the situation.

One said: "Love this because I travel solo as female and I’m cautious.

"I like the idea of being the one to start conversations so I pick them and I’m in control."

Another added: "If a person, especially a guy, asks me if I’m traveling alone, I have zero hesitation in lying and telling them that I’m traveling with others.

"And then it’s time to leave. And I always make sure I’m not being followed by said person."

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