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A TRAVEL addict has revealed a “foolproof” way to pack your suitcase so your clothes won’t crease.

Becky Moore runs the travel blog GlobalGrasshopper, which offers hints and tips to holidaymakers.

She has travelled to over 40 countries and has learnt a thing or two about packing strategically.

Speaking to the Express, she said that although it’s "best to avoid" clothes that will crease, there are some occasions when certain garments are essential for your trip.

"If you still want to pack them, then you need to know the right way to avoid creases,” she told the outlet.

"Don’t overpack your suitcase or bag, this will cause your clothes to become wrinkled from being squished together."

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Her first tip is to use travel vacuum bags to squish all the air out of your clothes so that you can fit more in.

"A good idea is to use vacuum packing [bags] to keep clothes flat,” she said.

"Additionally, you can use packing tapes to secure them along the creases."

In some cases, experts believe a vacuum-sealed bag can reduce the amount of storage space needed by 50 percent.

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A mother previously claimed you can even cram up to 200 items for a family-of-four into a single suitcase using the hack – and it can even be kept under the 20kg limit imposed by most airlines.

Becky also suggested rolling your clothes into a small tube-like space can prevent creases.

She said: "You can roll your clothes instead of folding them. This prevents creases from forming in the fabric."

Experts from Travel and Leisure also weighed in on the argument with their take on approaching the task.

They said: "To properly roll your clothes, lay the item of clothing out flat.

"Then fold the bottom two inches of the item inside out so it creates a type of pocket along one side of the clothing.

"From the opposite end, roll the item tightly until you get to the pocket you’ve created. Fold one side of the pocket over the roll, securing it tightly."

There are also plenty of other packing tips worth following next time you go away.

One sees seasoned travellers use packing cubes – as they keep your outfits organised in your suitcase.

Becky said: "Use packing cubes or folders to keep your clothes organised and prevent them from becoming wrinkled."

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Here are some other packing tips we've rounded up before you next go on holiday.

And a flight attendant revealed how to pack like a professional on trips abroad.

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