I'm a hotel worker and here's how you can get a free night's stay, transportation, food and drink – but there's a catch

A HOTEL worker has revealed how guests can get a night's stay, transport and food and drink all for free on their next away stay.

A Tiktok user has shared advice on how to bag some freebies from your hotel, and it all depends on what time you show up to check in.

The travel influencer @Hotel_Hacks_ said showing up as close to midnight as possible is key to getting a free night's stay, transport and food and drink.

She said: "Did you know that you can get a free night's stay, transportation and free food and beverage just for checking in close to midnight?

"Every time there's a busy season in the hotel industry we do what is called an oversell.

"This is where we sell more rooms than we have available to account for people that don't show up.

"So what happens when people actually do show up? We walk them.

"A walk is when as a hotel if you show up as a guest and we don't have enough room available for you, we'll walk you to a similar or higher category hotel – we don't actually make you walk, we'll pay for your taxi – and then if you're staying for two or more nights we'll take care of you when you come back to our hotel.

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"The only downside to this is that sometimes the hotel could be like an hour away or even close to the airport where you just came from. But it only happens during the busy season."

The video has been watched 76,000 times and received more than 6,000 comments from people who have tried and tested the tip.

One person wrote: "Very true. I did night audit for 10+ years and walked plenty of guests in the LA Beverly Hills area."

Another commented: "This happened to me in St. Petersburg and we got a free weekend paid for by Hilton."

A third wrote: "Yes this happened to us in Miami and it wasn't even close to midnight.

"We got ocean front, food and trans[port] and they paid for it plus gave me points."

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