I'm a hotel worker and here are the weirdest things rich guests have done

HOTEL workers have revealed some of the weirdest things that some of their rich guests have done.

These strange stories include guests who are celebrities, CEOs and even millionaires.

Housekeeper Shrishti explained how a big company president would act strangely when entering the hotel lobby.

They told VICE: "He would step into the hotel lobby with over two dozen security guards surrounding him, and start crawling and growling on the floor like an animal.

"He would even ask some of his guards to do the same.

"He enacted this animal ritual every night in the lobby for nearly a month in front of other visitors who’d silently witness the sheer horror of it all."

Willie, who works as an office manager, revealed the odd antics of a man who was in the "top 500 richest" in the world.

It happened after his stock plunged to a "record-breaking low" one day he was at the hotel.

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He explained: "That night, he wanted to sleep on the table of the restaurant and asked for around 20 cooked lobsters to be laid out across his body.

"As if this wasn’t weird enough, he asked the hotel staff to empty three Italian red wine bottles in an ice bucket.

"He dipped his shirt in that bucket and kept wiping his face for the next few hours with that thousand dollar wine-soaked shirt."

Other strange requests including having "food served inside a special guitar" from a millionaire in China, while another man wanted to have a horse with him during his entire wedding, and "wanted to be on or around it always, even in the lobby."

A billionaire from sheikh even "asked for two floors to be completely cordoned off from any visitors, except the female hotel staff".

A group of staff members has revealed to The Times some of the things that guests should never ask them.

In the same vein, another hotel worker said they find it frustrating when a guest asks to be given things for free because it is an occasion.

And one former hotel worker revealed the same silly question she's often asked by guests when they check in.

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