I'm a baggage handler and I judge passengers based on their suitcase – there is just one kind I approve of | The Sun

A BAGGAGE handler has revealed the only suitcase that she approves of passengers using on trips.

Airport staff can often be picky about which bags they like dealing with and which ones they don't.

Several have made videos explaining their preferences, the latest of which is Rachel Bacha.

She shared a video to Tiktok of her sitting on an airport transfer bus assessing the passengers' luggage options.

A caption on the video reads: "Me, a luggage handler, seriously judging your character based on what suitcase you have."

One person responded to the video, asking which type of bag she would rather people used.

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She said: "Hardshell – 4 wheeled. I LOVE Away bags or Samsonite."

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In a previous video, Rachel explained why it is important for the bags to be four-wheeled.

She said that it makes her and her co-workers' lives much easier and keeps passengers' items safer.

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She said: "Any time you are purchasing a suitcase, get a bag with four wheels for a couple of different reasons.

"There are people loading your bags on the planes and some of the planes have really long cargo bins, and at some airports, they don't have a machine that takes all of the bags up into the bin to you.

"Some of these airplanes have bins that are 20 feet long. Your bag has to start from here and go all the way back there…and the way it gets there is by being rolled, slid or tossed.

"What I'm saying is that if your bag has four wheels it is going to get rolled and if your bag had two wheels it's going to get tossed."

Hard shell bags are popular with most airport baggage staff, some of whom have pointed out why soft bags aren't as useful.

In a thread on Reddit one wrote: "I work in baggage for an airline, I recommend hard-sided. Bags get wet in the rain, soft-sided bags will soak through.

"Although the hard side bags are more likely to crack, you will be able to get the airline to give you a new bag with an unfixable crack, versus a soft sided bag with a rip we will try to send it to be repaired (policy) and you wait 5-6 weeks for repair.

"I would never personally have a soft sided bag."

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