I was locked in a plane toilet for 5 hours after I tested positive for Covid mid-flight

A WOMAN spent five hours locked in a plane toilet after she tested positive for Covid mid-flight.

Marisa Fotieo was on a flight from Chicago to Iceland when she began to feel unwell.

She decided to take a lateral flow test to see if she had caught Covid and, much to her dismay, the test came out positive.

"I just took my rapid test and I brought it into the bathroom, and within what felt like two seconds there were two lines [confirming a positive result]," she told Today in an interview.

To avoid infecting the 150 other people on the flight, Marisa locked herself in the plane toilet for the remaining five hours of the journey.

She shared a video on Tiktok from the plane toilet with the caption: "Shout out to @Icelandair for my VIP quarantine quarters."

She wrote in the comments: "I received two negative PCRs. Got on the flight. Travelled for Christmas. Decided to bring 'at home tests' for my travels. Felt sore throat and tested + [positive]."

The video has had more than 4m views, 1.5m likes and more than 3,000 comments from people sharing their sympathy with her.

One person wrote: "Thanks for being responsible and letting the crew know! Many people would’ve pretend like it didn’t happen or as if it was a false positive."

Another commented: "Feel better! I found out I was directly exposed as I was sitting on a plane so I can relate. Sending you love!"

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Marisa followed it up with a second video from a quarantine hotel in Iceland.

She revealed one of the flight attendants – named Ragnhildur "Rocky" Eiríksdóttir – who was onboard while she was locked in the toilet had dropped off some Christmas presents for her so she wouldn't feel lonely.

In the emotional video, Marisa received two bags of presents, including a bunch of roses, chocolates and a miniature Christmas tree.

Marisa captioned the video: "We LOVE Rocky from @icelandair.is she makes the world a happier place."

The video has been watched more than 103,000 times and received nearly 30,000 likes.

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