I was forced to pay £50 for a LEMONADE that was so bitter it was undrinkable at rip-off Mykonos bar, says furious Brit | The Sun

A BRIT tourist claims she was charged £50 for a lemonade so bitter it was undrinkable at a "rip off" bar in Mykonos.

The incident is another horror story revealed online by angry punters who have visited the now notorious restaurant, DK Oyster

The beachside eatery on the island's stunning Platis Gialos has a reputation for staggering prices.

It has been accused of scamming tourists – allegations it always furiously denies as it defends its high prices.

And one Tripadvisor reviewer from last summer, claims she was charged 58 euros (£50) for a lemonade.

DK Oyster bosses hit back at her claims in the comments section, branding her comments a "disgrace".


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The reviewer, from Milton Keynes, accused the bar of "ruining" her last day in Mykonos.

"These people […] frankly shouldn’t be able to sleep at night stealing peoples money," she raged in the review from July 2021.

She claims when they arrived they were told sunbeds were free as long as they spent 25 euros per person.

Being "pressured to order" as soon as they sat down, the holidaymakers picked up a lemonade and a water as it was "early" and they wanted to "spend the whole day there".

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But when the drinks arrived there was the first disappointment, with the drink being "undrinkable" and "so bitter".

She claims the waiter then came back 10 minutes later to take another order, but they told her they didn't need anything else.

The waiter then is said to have come back and demanded "I need to take your order" – again with the duo telling her "no".

"After a few times of this we were getting quite annoyed as we came to the beach to relax?," the reviewer said.

At lunchtime, she wrote they ordered an "average" 25 euro club sandwich – and found out they couldn't even go in the sea due to a "sewage leak".

"Quite frankly the whole menu was extortionate pricing and as they were being so pushy we didn’t really want to spend too much time there," she said.

And then the biggest shock came when they went to pie, being billed 58 euros for the lemonade.

She claimed the menu said the lemonade was supposed to 18 euros, but the waiter said that was the "regular lemonade"

So in total they were billed 114 euros for a water, a lemonade and two sandwiches – and she said the restaurant only offered them a 10 euro refund after the experience.

"They would get more business if they were transparent and classy like other places," she wrote.


"But hey just look at the reviews. You are one of the lucky ones for reading this first."

Her experience is echoed by hundreds of other customers, with DK Oyster having a 2.5 star rating on TripAdvisor from 1,464 reviews as of publication.

The bar has 578 one star, 32 two star, 19 three star, 52 four star, and 337 five star reviews.

Furious customers blasted the restaurant as the "worst experience ever" and accused them of being a "scam".

Some ratings from the last few days include one tourist claiming they were charged 36 euros for an ice tea, and 250 euros for two gyros.

However, other customers were more positive – praising the restaurant's setting and saying "prices are good for the high class restaurant it is".

DK Oyster has a reputation for high prices – and was recently fined £25,000 after an audit by Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency, reports Protothema and the Greek City Times.

The investigation was sparked by two Americans who claimed they were charged more than £500 for a pair of mojitos and some crab legs.

The restaurant often defend themselves from criticism, including in a direct response to the lemonade drama – branding the write up a "disgrace" and complaining the reviewer was anonymous.

Signed off simply as "DK", the restaurant compared it to spend "$9million on a Bugatti" and "a new Nissan Versa for $16,000".


"You might think you are smart enough to get a Bugatti at the price of a cheaper car, just because you scream a little louder, but you are not," DK clapped back on TripAdvisor.

The restaurant wrote: "In your case all I see is a person who keeps talking about 'hard earned money' and does not want to pay for the price of the services and products provided by other hard working people."

Angry customers have even set up a dedicated website – DKOysterScam.com – to warn other tourists and share their experiences.

And meanwhile, The Sun Online spoke to angry holidaymaker Jak Kypri who revealed he was charged £360 for four drinks and a snack at DK Oyster

Jak ordered two tequilas, two beers, and some shrimp which, when it arrived, was just "six prawns".

"They became aggressive and started crowding around me when I questioned the astronomic and unjustified prices," he said.

"I thought, I'm an 18-stone guy, I speak Greek, I won't be intimidated."

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Platis Gialos is famous for its luxury hotels and restaurants, and is home to a restaurant owned by Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, more commonly known as Salt Bae.

The Sun Online has approached DK Oyster Bar for comment.

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