Huge change to travel rules this Monday as green and amber lists scrapped – everything you need to know

THIS MONDAY will see huge changes to the UK’s travel rules – just in time for Brits to jet off for some well deserved sun during half-term.

The government has finally ditched the traffic light system and expensive PCR tests will be scrapped.

However there will still be some rules in place – here we tell you everything you need to know…


From Monday October 4 ministers are simplifying the messy traffic light system to a simple Go/No Go list.

The current amber and green lists will merge into one "rest of of the world" Covid safe list.

Eight of the 62 countries currently on the red list are being taken off, with a view to keep stripping more places over the coming weeks.

Turkey, Egypt, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Oman, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kenya have already been struck off the red list.

But more than 50 countries remain on the list – including Thailand, Costa Ric and the Philippines.

It means fully-vaxxed holidaymakers will finally be able to take a break in these places without forking out thousands for hotel quarantine.


From Monday, October 4, new rules are in place for vaccinated travellers.

The pre-arrival test, which had to be a lateral flow or PCR test and taken before returning to the UK, will no longer be required.

Holidaymakers will instead just need a day two Covid test (PCR only).

The day two PCR test will be scrapped later in October, with hoildaymakers able instead to have a lateral flow test.

The government is yet to confirm when this will be in place, although it is hoped to be enforced in time for the October half-term.

Here are some of the cheapest places to buy a PCR test for your holiday, as the free NHS tests are not allowed.

And we've also rounded up the tour operators and companies selling lateral flow tests, from just £20.


Brits will be delighted to hear that holidays to the US are set to be back on within weeks.

Double vaccinated visitors from the UK and EU have the green light to enter the US from November.

But all foreign travellers will need to show proof of their vaccination before boarding the plane.

Travellers will also have to be show proof of a negative Covid-19 test – which has to be taken within three days of flight.

According to White House Covid-19 coordinator Jeff Zients, fully vaccinated passengers will not be required to quarantine.

The UK has been on the US travel ban list since March 2020.

Exemptions have been made solely for US citizens and permanent residents, certain close family members and other limited categories of visa holders like diplomats and UN staff.

The US is a hugely popular holiday destination for tourists from the UK.

Prior to the pandemic, more than five million people from the UK visited the US every year.


Downing Street last month warned that the freedoms could be snatched back if a mutant variant threatens the Covid recovery.

Boris Johnson's official spokesperson said: "We are aware that the pandemic is still ongoing and there is always a chance of unexpected challenges such as an even more transmissible or more deadly variant emerging.

"That said, because of the success of our vaccine programme, it is enabling us to move steadily and remove restrictions as we saw as we came out of Step 4.

He added "while we have seen the slow easing of restrictions on travel" it would be "wrong to rule anything out in the future".

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