Hong Kong now has a five-hour bus tour to help you drift off to sleep

Sometimes you’re oh so tired, but just can’t get a proper night’s rest in your own bed.

Perhaps that’s due to an anxious mental monologue, or your neighbour’s crying baby, or your partner’s snoring.

Or maybe you’re out and about and could really do with a nap before going on with your evening plans, but don’t have time to pop home and rest.

For all these potential happenstances, here’s a creative solution: a five-hour bus ride designed just for people to sleep on.

Over in Hong Kong, such a thing now exists.

The 47-mile journey, called the Sleeping Bus Tour, launched in the city last Saturday – and sold out for the day.

Tickets cost between £10 and £40, depending on your seat’s position, and include a bag with an eye mask and ear plugs.

There’s nothing else super fancy going on: just a bus where you can close your eyes and not feel judged for your total exhaustion.

Kenneth Kong, the marketing and business development manager of ulu travel, said the company came up with the idea after hearing about a friend who struggled to sleep at night due to work stress – but easily drifted off when travelling on the bus.

The bus does stop at scenic spots, but you’re entirely allowed to just stay in your seat and snooze for the full five hours.

And yes, you can feel free to wear pyjamas and bring pillows and blankets, if you so choose.

Can someone bring this idea to London next? We could really do with a good nap spot.

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