Hols from £9.50: Do I get early access to book my 2018 holiday with Sun Savers?

We’ve sent millions of happy Sun readers on holiday over the past 28 years and now you could be next!

There are an incredible 326 holiday parks to choose from – both in the UK and Europe – including France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Do I get priority access to book Hols from £9.50 with Sun Savers?

This year, Sun Savers don't get extra early access to Hols from £9.50 – but you do get the perk of being able to pay or part pay with the rewards in your Sun Savers wallet.

All you need to do is sign up to Sun Savers using the app or at sunsavers.co.uk.

Then simply collect your TEN Sun Savers codes – instead of ten tokens – to book your holiday.

Any of your saved Savers fivers can then be used towards your 2019 break!

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Why should I book my Hol from £9.50 with Sun Savers?

Sun Savers is our rewards club. To register, download the Sun Savers app or go online at sunsavers.co.uk.

You can get free cash just by buying your No.1 paper. Pick up The Sun daily to collect Sun Savers codes and once you have 28 we will give you £5 cash.

Plus, get great extra benefits and perks including raffle entries and special discounts.

The Sun1

Instead of collecting paper tokens you can now use our Sun Savers app

How do I use the money in my Sun Savers wallet for Hols from £9.50?

If you have managed to collect enough Sun Savers codes to bank at least £5 in your Sun Savers wallet you can use this to part-pay for your Hol from £9.50.

Just select the amount you wish to use when prompted during booking and this will be taken off the cost of your holiday.

You can then pay the remaining balance in the normal way.

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