Here's the most hygienic way to store your toothbrush when you're staying in a hotel, according to a flight attendant

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the most hygienic way to store your toothbrush when you're staying in a hotel.

Ally Case shared a video on Tiktok showing the best way to store a toothbrush to stop it from getting dirty.

In the video, she turned a paper cup upside down and used her toothbrush to stab a hole through the bottom of it.

She then moved her hand away to leave the toothbrush standing up in the cup, without touching any of the hotel's surfaces.

She said: "This one's my absolute favourite – you can take your paper cup and turn it into a toothbrush holder.

"This one is seriously my favourite, it's so cool."

Keeping your toothbrush off hotel bathroom surfaces is a good idea, as a hotel worker revealed that bathrooms are not as clean as you might think.

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A Tiktok user with the handle @hotel_hacks_ said that taps, sinks and surfaces are cleaned using the same rag as everything else in the hotel bathroom – including the toilet.

Ally continued her video with more tips – adding: "Did you know that there are plastic bags hanging in almost every hotel closet and you can use them for dirty laundry?

"You can take the plastic bag from the ice bucket and cover your remote control with it because those things are gross."

"You can turn it into a jewellery-type dish so that you have easy access to everything in the morning."

The video has been watched 505,000 times, and viewers are grateful for Ally's advice.

One person wrote: "That was great – the toothbrush holder idea is so simple."

Another commented: "The plastic bag I knew. The remote and toothbrush holder… why did I not know this before? These are cool! Thanks."

A third said: "Ok I will give you props for the paper cup toothbrush holder. I'm a roadie and we do all the rest of the stuff. Great video!"

Hotel guests are warned that bathrooms are just one of many things that could be filthy in a hotel room.

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And here's how to tell if your hotel room has been cleaned properly – by checking the kettle.

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