Full list of holiday destinations where you DON'T have to quarantine on arrival

BRITS were given fresh hope of a holiday abroad after a number of countries were added to the UK's green list.

However, many countries are now enforcing new rules on Brits, which require arrivals to be fully vaccinated.

For Brits who have had both jabs, with the second at least two weeks ago, then destinations including Malta, Barbados and Iceland are all open to UK travellers, who don't have to quarantine on arrival or back in the UK, thanks to being on the green list.

Holiday hotspots Portugal, France and mainland Spain are also welcoming fully vaccinated Brits, although they remain on the amber list so Brits will have to self-isolate at home for now, while Greece just requires a negative Covid test.

It is also worth nothing that families with teenagers will have to quarantine if heading to Malta or Portugal, with both countries requiring anyone over the age of 12 to be fully vaccinated despite this not yet being offered to kids.

Here are some of the destinations where you don't need both jabs to visit, nor will you have to quarantine on arrival or back in the UK.


Despite Portugal now requiring Brits to be fully vaccinated, this doesn't include the island of Madeira.

The Portuguese island was added to the green list last week, meaning UK holidaymakers can visit from tomorrow without having to quarantine afterwards.

The island confirmed that UK arrivals only need a negative Covid test either before travelling or at the airport, to be allowed to enter.

Anyone with proof of antibodies or both jabs can also enter without restrictions.

Balearic Islands

Also added to the green list last week, Spain has since introduced new travel rules for Brits.

Originally having no restrictions, UK arrivals to both mainland Spain and the islands must have a negative Covid test to enter.

While double-jabbed Brits can still visit restriction-free as well, anyone who hasn't yet received both jabs can visit the Balearics with just the negative test.

The Canary Islands are yet to be on the green list although hope to be by July 15.


Gibraltar was one of the first destinations to be added to the UK's green list, after offering the vaccine to every adult in the country.

The country is also still allowing UK arrivals to enter without restrictions, although requires a Covid before arrival if not vaccinated.

We've explained how to get a PCR test for your holidays and how much they cost.

It is hoped that double-jabbed Brits could return from amber list countries without having to quarantine by August.

US holidays are unlikely to be back on by the summer, however, as the UK-US travel corridor fails to be opened due to the Delta variant and vaccine rollout abroad.

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