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A FREQUENT flyer has revealed how she gets both extra legroom and extra luggage on board her flights, without paying extra.

Budget airlines charge for passengers to pick seats and bring bigger bags on board their planes as a way to make extra cash.

However, some clever travellers keep coming up with unique ways to avoid paying for either, while still getting the benefits.

Tiktoker Devora (@thisisdevo) is one such person and she revealed her hacks to her followers online.

In a video she first explained her risky tactic for always getting seats with more legroom.

She said: "If you are flying low cost, like with Ryanair, easyJet, whatever, try and wait until the last minute to check in.

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"I think it's usually two hours before the flight, so try and just literally wait until the last minute before the check in closes.

"The reason for that is that you will more often than not get the emergency seats that haven't been sold yet. So you get to sit in an extra leg room seat without paying for it."

Next she went on to reveal how she always gets extra luggage through onto her flights, without having paid for an extra bag.

She does this with a very simple method involving a duty free carrier bag.

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She continued: "You can get a duty free bag by just buying water and putting it in a duty free bag.

"You can then put some of your stuff in it so that you don't have to pay whatever ridiculous amount they're asking you to pay for an extra bag.

"Which sometimes is more than the cost of flight."

The second hack works on the assumption that Duty Free bags don't count as luggage, as it allows passengers to buy things at the airport such as booze and cigarettes.

Another woman revealed the clever bag that fits enough for a long weekend abroad but also fits the Ryanair rules.

The bag in the video is the Narwey duffel bag, which some travellers have described as a "life-saver".

Other passengers use travel pillows or pillow cases to get around the strict luggage rules by stuffing them with their clothes.

But one fuming Ryanair passenger was caught carrying all of his clothes onto a flight after his suitcase was too big for the cabin.

While the luggage hacks depend on how strict crew want to be, one flight attendant said they usually don't care as they "sympathise" with travellers.

They told Sun Online Travel: "It's a money-making scheme too and the fact that every single passenger has the option to bring more luggage onto the aircraft shows that there's probably enough room.

"If every single passenger starts doing it, we'll likely have problems, because even with smaller bags, the weight would add up.

"But we're not at that stage yet and at the moment, it's really not as much of a big deal.

"Personally, I've been inspired – I'm all about saving money wherever I can."

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