Flight attendant's top tips on travelling with young kids – from seats to avoid to the extras you can ask for from crew

FLYING with young kids is often the most stressful part of the trip, especially on long flights.

However, cabin crew members have revealed how to make it much easier on the next holiday abroad.

Finnair Chief Purser Sanna Moisio told Sun Online Travel said that even before the holiday starts, warning kids ahead of travelling during the pandemic is advised due to new procedures in place which may be complicated or scary for younger ones.

They explained: "I think it's best to start talking to your children about the upcoming flight a few days in advance, to give them time to ask any questions ahead of the trip to the airport.

“Since the pandemic, the airport and flight experience are a little different, so I’d definitely recommend explaining to them what to expect."

An easy way to get kids to wear masks, she explained, is letting them pick them out and opting for cute designs to make the process easier.

She added: "I always make sure I compliment children on their cute masks as this makes them feel better about wearing them."

When it comes to choosing seats, skip the ones near the middle – she said that while most passengers want seats away from the toilets, parents should avoid doing this.

“When I travel with my own kids, I like to sit quite close to the toilet, so we don't have to walk through the whole cabin if one of the little ones suddenly needs the toilet," she explained.

Sanna also said to ask them before boarding whether they want window or aisle seats, to avoid embarrassing tantrums while in the cabin."

And if travelling with Finnair, parents should ask for their famous "blueberry juice," she added, which kids can enjoy.

She also said: "When travelling with my own children, I always pack something for them to chew during take-off and landing to help if the altitude affects their ears.”

Here are some other pieces of advice if travelling with kids, and why you should avoid night-time flights.

This summer, kids can fly for free if travelling with Aegean Airlines who thanks to their new programme.

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