Flight attendant reveals the worst kind of passenger on the plane – and you’ve probably been that person

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the worst kind of passenger on a plane – and you've probably been that person.

Tiktok user Brit, who goes by @brit_bits, posted a video on the site where she shared her biggest pet peeve when it comes to passengers.

In the video, Brit was taking a break behind the curtain that separates cabin crew from passengers at the end of the plane.

She had pulled her face mask down so she could drink a coffee and was leisurely reading her book.

Suddenly, a passenger came in and disturbed her which made her scream and yank her face mask on.

On the video, she wrote: "When a passenger walks into the galley and opens the curtain you're hiding behind."

She captioned the video: "Sometimes they knock", and explained that some passengers attempt to knock on the curtain – which, unsurprisingly, isn't very effective.

The video has been watched nearly 140,000 times, and some viewers admitted that they have pulled the curtain open without warning, frightening cabin crew.

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One person wrote: "I'm sorry, I've done that", and another put: "I do this".

A third person commented: "Haha sorry that's me, I do that. I'll knock next time."

Someone else warned others never to move the curtain after they caught two cabin crew members sharing an intimate moment.

They wrote: "I did this one time and the flight attendants were full on making out. I blushed so hard."

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