First look at new Batman-themed rollercoaster opening in Spain this month | The Sun

THRILL SEEKERS will have a new excuse to visit the Spanish capital Madrid this month.

Opening at Parque Warner Madrid – a theme park located just 30 minutes from the city centre – is a new hair-raising Batman-themed rollercoaster.

Called Gotham City Escape, the hotly-anticipated white-knuckle ride will be one of Spain’s top attractions once it opens to the public on May 13.

Designed in collaboration with Warner Bros and design and build firm P&P Projects, the coaster is slated to have cost £17.6m to make.

It’s themed on the 2005-2012 era of Batman films, specifically the Dark Knight Trilogy starring Christian Bale and directed by Christopher Nolan.

Not only will the steel contraption feature some pretty slick-looking Batmobile-style trains based on the movies in the trilogy, but will be one of the first multi-launch coasters of its kind in Spain. 

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This means there’ll be no annoying wait while climbing a lift hill. Instead, riders will be launched from the station at speeds of up to 64.6mph and catapulted around the track at various points of the ride. 

The coaster is set to boast four inversions including two corkscrews, a dive loop and a unique zero-gravity stall, which is special in that it holds you upside down for slightly longer than your bog-standard inversion.

These elements are joined by a hair-raising 147ft beyond-vertical drop that features a suspenseful holding brake at the top, leaving riders clinging for dear life before they plummet down into several mind-bending twists, bends and air-time hills.

“Set in Gotham City, the new attraction will feature a spectacular theming that will come out of the Wayne's Mansion,” said Parque Warner Madrid in a blog post.

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“The new coaster will be the most amazing experience that visitors will be able to experience at Parque Warner.”

General entry to Parque Warner Madrid starts at €29.90 (£26) for both adults and juniors.  

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