Ellen DeGeneres Gives Blake Shelton an Engagement Countdown Clock for Gwen Stefani

Is an engagement in Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani‘s near future? Judging by Ellen DeGeneres‘ track record, it just might be.

On Wednesday, Shelton, 42, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where host DeGeneres had a surprise in store for him.

DeGeneres explained that, back in February, she had given Jennifer Lopez a giant clock with a photo of her and Alex Rodriguez on it, in order to spur Rodriguez into proposing.

“So Jennifer Lopez was here and I wanted to help her out with A-Rod, because she wanted to marry him, obviously like Gwen wants to marry you,” the talk show host, 61, told Shelton.

“And I gave her a clock that she could give to him, like the clock is ticking, time is passing,” DeGeneres said. “I gave her the clock, and literally a week later he proposed to her.” (The couple announced their engagement in March.)

“So Mother’s Day is coming up, and I have something for you to give to her,” DeGeneres told Shelton, before handing him a similar giant clock with a picture of Shelton and Stefani, 49, sharing a sweet kiss.

“So you’re saying, there’s a chance she’s gonna ask me to marry her, with this clock?” Shelton joked.

“I’ll call her tonight,” DeGeneres replied. “I’ll tell her she’s waiting for you.”

On Saturday, the country singer took Stefani and her kids, Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10 and Apollo, 5, to the premiere of Shelton’s movie UglyDolls in Los Angeles.

Shelton, who sings “Wallflower and Weeds” for the movie’s soundtrack, also portrays Ox, the one-eyed Mayor of Uglyville, in the film.

Joking about his voice acting, Shelton told DeGeneres: “We went to the premiere of the movie, which was this last weekend, and that was actually my first scene, and Gwen turned to me and she goes, ‘Is that your cartoon voice?’”

“We brought all the kids and Gwen’s brother and his family — we made a whole day of out it. It was a lot of fun,” he added about the premiere.

This isn’t the first time DeGeneres has joked around with the couple.

In a December episode of her show, she tried to trick Stefani into admitting she was engaged — but the singer didn’t fall for it.

“So Blake told me that y’all are engaged now,” DeGeneres asked casually.

“No he didn’t,” a surprised Stefani exclaimed. “No we’re not. No we’re not. No we’re not.”

DeGeneres remained committed to the act. “Yes, he told me you’re engaged,” she said. “So let’s talk about that.”

“What are you talking about?” the mom of three insisted as she laughed. “We’re not. We’re not engaged, and we’re not married. And he’s my boyfriend still.”

Shelton and Stefani also made an appearance in April at the ACM Awards, where Stefani shared a photo of the two, raving that she was “so proud to be this beautiful human’s date at the ACM awards tonight.” And although they’ve been dating for over three years, the No Doubt frontwoman recently said that there’s “no pressure” to get engaged.

“[You] get to a place where you find somebody that’s like your best friend, that you know you can depend on and trust and go through life,” she said. “We’re just trying to be in the moment as much as we can.”

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