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TRAVEL insurance has become just as an important as taking your passport with you when it comes to a holiday.

Some of the popular destinations off the mainland often leave people wondering what the rules are, so we give you some clarity on the situation.

Do I need travel insurance for Jersey?

The Jersey Government website suggests that you should sort out travel insurance before travelling to Jersey.

Firstly, if you need any specific medical treatment, or suffer from a rare condition which might see you need treatment, then it is best to have your own cover of this.

To travel to Jersey, you might need to board a flight, and you never know what might happen.

From delays to having luggage broken – issues which you can get covered by your insurance.


Rules around travelling to Jersey from the UK and whether you need a passport

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If your accommodation cancels the booking out of nowhere or you lose any belongings, then you might be saved thanks to your insurance.

Is healthcare free in Jersey for UK citizens?

Jersey and the UK agreed on a Reciprocal Health Agreement (RHA) which enabled UK citizens to have lowered-cost healthcare when in Jersey.

The Jersey Government website states that "you won't have to pay certain healthcare charges."

It also adds that you are only covered if your stay in Jersey will last for less than three months "and you don't intend to move countries permanently."

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The costs that you will have to pay for are:

  • GP treatment
  • prescriptions
  • some types of medical equipment and supplies
  • certain travel arrangements
  • ongoing services for an existing treatment plan
  • treatment for pre-existing conditions you're awaiting treatment for unless there is a major deterioration in that condition while you're visiting Jersey

The website says: "You're not covered for non-urgent conditions and will have to pay for them.

"You won't get free treatment for urgent conditions when treatment can be scheduled for a future date.

"If you need emergency treatment that can't be provided locally, the hospital may arrange for you to be transferred overseas.

"In such cases, you won't be able to choose the hospital you're transferred to and all transfers relating to non-emergency treatment will be charged for."

Where is Jersey?

Jersey is one of the islands in the English Channel located in the Bay of St Malo.

It is the largest of the Channel Island and sits 19 miles off the French cost.

It is 85 miles off the south coast of England.

Jersey is five miles long and nine miles wide.

It has 12 parishes with the capital city being St Helier.

The island offers some beautiful scenery, WW2 historical sites and even VAT-free shopping opportunities.

As a self-sufficient island you will find some culinary delights, if heading there for a trip, it is highly recommended to try the oysters.

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There is also the famous surf spot of St Ouen's Bay, along with being able to hire a kayak to explore Greve de Lecq or St Brelade's Bay.

The secluded beaches, coves and bays really make the island a picturesque place to explore.

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