Disney World opens new Beauty and the Beast themed bar with exclusive library and rose flavoured cocktails – The Sun

DISNEY World has opened their new Beauty and the Beast themed bar, with a Belle-inspired library and exclusive cocktails.

The new Enchanted Rose lounge has opened at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa located in the Magic Kingdom.

While the Grand Floridian is one of the most expensive hotels at Disney World, you thankfully don't need to be a guest to dine in the second-floor lounge.

Inside, guests can make the most four themed rooms.

Entering the lounge, visitors are greeted by a huge yellow chandelier, based on Belle's iconic yellow ballgown, along with gold accents and bar.

A Black Forest themed room features dark green walls and drawings of the forest while an outdoor patio has floral decor with views overlooking the park.

However, the most exciting room is Belle's reading room, featuring a large book-shelf which guests are welcome to read next to a candlelit fireplace.

Eagle-eyed guests will also spot Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, and the enchanted rose on the shelves.

The themed cocktails, costing $21 (£16), are the Love cocktail, featuring London Twinings tea and rose petals, as well as an apple-flavoured Envy drink.

They are even delivered via a drinks trolley and prepared in front of you by cast members, while they tell you the story of the fairytale.

There are also non-alcoholic cocktails and snacks such as gnocchi and truffle fries.

One of the most difficult restaurants to dine in at Disney World is also in the Grand Floridian, with the Victoria & Albert having a year waiting list.

Disney has a secret club called Club 33, a members-only bar for famous celebrities and guests.

A romantic proposal at Disney World saw a boyfriend propose to his girlfriend while they were dressed as Beauty and Beast.

A Disney fan even spent 30 hours creating a Beauty and the Beast Christmas tree.

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