Couple spent 18 hours going on ALL 46 rides at Disney World in one day

A DISNEY mad couple managed to go on every single ride at Disney World in just one day, without using any passes to help them skip the queues.

Shane Lindsay, 45 and Kristina Hawkins, 31, explored the four parks in one day, spending a total of 18 hours on the epic challenge.

Ride 13 Test Track via single rider @Parkeology #parkeologychallenge #oxygenfree @epic_disney #epicdisneyescape

The couple had to start their day at 8am, and didn't finish until 2am when the parks finally closed.

In total, they managed 46 rides across the four parks – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom – and documented their journey with a selfie on each ride.

And they did it all without any help skipping the queues, such as using FastPasses.

The couple have actually attempted the challenge before, and managed to complete it in 17 hours with the help of the passes.

But this is the first time they've managed it without the passes.

Ride 24. Triceratops. @Parkeology #parkeologychallenge #oxygenfree @epic_disney #epicdisneyescape

Ride 26. Kali. @Parkeology #parkeologychallenge #oxygenfree @epic_disney #epicdisneyescape

Shane actually co-founded Parkeology, where visitors can find out rules on completing the challenge for themselves.

On a normal day, there may be up to 50 rides open at Disney parks so the challenge may be harder on some days than others.

But for guests who want to try the challenge for themselves, the couple have plenty of tips.

Plan ahead of time

Shane explained: "You have to strategise wisely."

This involves knowing which rides to use the FastPasses for, such as the bigger and newer attractions.

Learn the opening and closing times

Some areas and rides are open at different times with very small windows, meaning it is easy to miss a ride altogether.

For example, Shane explains: "The Main Street vehicles only open for a couple hours in the morning."

Don't do it park-by-park

While it can be tempting to do all of the rides in one park before moving on, this isn't actually the best solution.

Going between parks to utilise the wait times on rides, which are only open at certain hours, means avoiding the long queues.

Get there much earlier than the park opens

Despite having a set opening time, sometimes the parks may open slightly earlier than advised.

Ted Tamburo, who also runs their website, explained: "Disney will often unofficially open parks even earlier than stated times."

This means being able to use some of the rides before the park is open to the rest of the public.

To get additional FastPasses, guests can opt to stay in a Disney on-site hotel.

This enables visitors to reserve up to three FastPasses per day at a park up to 60 days before travelling – compared to 30 days for non-Disney-hotel guests.

Avid Disney fans have also perfected a technique called "pounding the app" to get FastPasses for all of the most popular rides.

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