Can you vape on planes and trains? E-cigarettes travel rules and laws explained – The Sun

IF you're going on holiday with your e-cigarette, you may be banned from using it if you are travelling by plane, train or even bus.

We explain all of the rules about vaping on public transport, and what is banned.

Can you vape on planes?

Passengers on board a flight are not allowed to vape on any airline in the UK.

Both Easyjet and Ryanair allow passengers to carry their vapes in their hand luggage but have a strict no smoking policy which applies to vaping.

Ryanair even reserves the right to refuse passengers on board a flight if "you have smoked, or attempted to smoke, on a previous flight".

If you are caught vaping on a flight then you could face heavy fines or being banned from the airline.

Last year, a man was banned from flying with Spirit Airlines for life after using his e-cigarette in the bathroom, leading to an emergency landing of the plane.

It is also worth checking if they are allowed in the country you are flying to, as many South American destinations as well as regions in Asia have banned them.

Can you vape in airports?

All airports have banned vaping in public spaces, although some have designated smoking areas both inside and outside the terminals.

In 2013, Heathrow Airport opened an e-cigarette-only smoking zone, located in terminal 4.

Can you vape on trains?

Passengers are not allowed to vape in train carriages.

Although many train companies and stations once allowed vaping on platforms, most have now been banned too.

When Govia Thameslink Railway introduced their vaping ban in 2015, a spokesperson for Thameslink and Great Northern railway said: "We have a no smoking policy regardless of the type of device customers would like to smoke.

"Our concern is that e-cigarettes will unsettle other passengers or cause people to think that smoking real cigarettes is allowed."

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