Can I travel to Wales from England? Latest advice on lockdown rules

ENGLAND has started to come out of lockdown – with a number of measures being lifted from today.

One of the biggest rule changes is that people can travel anywhere in England in order to visit family and friends, so long as you don't stay overnight.

Wales has also eased out of its Level 4 restrictions, with a "stay local" requirement ending last Saturday.

With Wales also coming out of lockdown, but at a different rate to England, here is what you need to know about travelling between the two countries.

What are the current travel rules in England?

The 'stay at home' message has been ditched with new rules coming into force in England.

Under the new rules, Brits are encouraged to 'stay local' – but this has not been officially defined.

Members of the public are advised to remain close to where they live, but this will not be legally enforced -meaning people can visit family members a couple of hours' drive away or visit a park in another part of the country and not be fined.

You could even travel from London to the Lake District for a walk and not be fined from today, March 29.

But people are still being told to “minimise travel” wherever they can.

People will be urged to cut down on filling up their petrol and stopping at service stations when possible.

What are the current travel rules in Wales?

The "rule of thumb" five-miles travel limit was lifted on March 27, allowing people to travel anywhere within the country.

Self-contained holiday accommodation, including hotels with en-suite bathrooms, have also been able to reopen since Saturday.

Welsh holiday accommodation is only available to people living in Wales though.

Can I travel from England to Wales?

Yes, but only for essential reasons like work, to provide care or for shopping for essential items.

However, you cannot travel from England to Wales for a holiday – you must return home overnight.

People living in Wales can also only travel to England for essential reasons.

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