Can I still travel to Denmark? Latest quarantine rules and advice

DENMARK was added to the UK's quarantine list last night, along with Germany and Sweden.

Here is everything you need to know if you were planning on travelling to Denmark.

What is the current travel advice for Denmark?

The UK government removed Denmark from the UK's safe travel list due to an outbreak of the virus at mink factories.

Health authorities in Denmark have found a mutated form of coronavirus that can pass to humans was present in mink farms across the country.

Millions of the animals are to be slaughtered after the strain was discovered at more than 200 Danish mink farms.

Instead of allowing travellers to return from Saturday, the new rules were enforced from 4am today.

Grant Shapps said: "I understand that this will be concerning for both people currently in Denmark and the wider UK public, which is why we have moved quickly to protect our country and prevent the spread of the virus to the UK.

"Health authorities in Denmark have reported widespread outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19) in mink farms, with a variant strain of the virus spreading to some local communities."

Will I have to quarantine in Denmark?

The new rules mean all arrivals from Denmark to the UK must quarantine for two weeks from today.

Negative coronavirus tests are also required if trying to enter the country.

However, the UK is currently on Denmark's "ban list" meaning Brits cannot enter the country without a good reason.

According to the FCDO: "Rules on entry to Denmark depends on whether you are arriving from an ‘open’ country or a ‘banned’ country. The UK is a ‘banned’ country.

"This means that you can only enter Denmark from the UK if you have a ‘worthy’ purpose to enter."

Holidays abroad are also currently banned from the UK to Denmark due to the new lockdown, until December 2.

Anyone caught trying to go on holiday will be fined £200, with the fine doubling per offence.

Repeat offenders could be hit with penalties rising to £6,400 – or a conviction if they challenge it in the courts.

Germany and Sweden were also added to the UK quarantine list last night, with the rules rules enforced from tomorrow.

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