Can a hotel sort out your sleep issues?

From October 2021 onwards, sleep became a nightly battle for me. 

It was a recurring fight against nightmares, disruptions, restlessness and exhaustion. 

Days became blurs from sheer tiredness, and however much I tried, sleep never came easily. 

Looking back now, months later, I can understand why. 

Amid a Covid diagnosis and general life stresses, my family suffered two bereavements in quick succession. It was a serious blow. Death and grief permeate every part of your life, including your sleep. 

It’s no wonder that I tossed and turned for months. 

To fix the issues, most would have turned to hot milk, a sleep therapist or meditation… but I set my sights on Portugal. 

The Magnolia Hotel is a bright and sparky hotel nestled in the stunning luxury resort of Quinta de Lago on the Portuguese coast. Filled with pinks and neon lights, you wouldn’t think it would be a sleep aiding destination – but the hotel recently partnered with SleepHub® to offer guests a ‘Sleep Restoration Experience’. 

In the hotel’s Standard Plus Rooms and Suites, a SleepHub® device has been added to make your sleep better than ever. 

Much more than just a standard white-noise machine, SleepHub® has been created to retrain the brain through scientifically developed sound waves which restore natural sleep patterns and improve sleep quality. 

With a range of sleep programmes (including one for power naps) and additional soundscapes, SleepHub® aims to leave you rested, rejuvenated and with healthier sleep habits.

The SleepHub rooms at the Magnolia are also equipped to support your sleep from the moment you wake up. There are no bright and overwhelming room lights, everything is dimmed and the vibes are nothing but relaxed. 

Meanwhile, the pillows are like clouds and the beds are the perfect balance between soft and firm.

To make the most of your sleep at night, the aim is to make the most of your days too. 

Quinta de Lago is surrounded by beautiful beaches and nature walks and on both days I made the most of the stunning views and the sea air.

Visitors to the hotel are also encouraged to try the fabulous restaurants that line the resort. On my first day, I enjoyed a light seafood lunch at Casa De Lago while overlooking the lake. In the evening, it was a mix of superb sushi and specialty cocktails at hotspot Umami. 

On the second day, I tried my hand at a spinning class in The Campus, a world-class sporting facility only minutes from the hotel. The rest of the day included beach walks, relaxation and a delicious meal in the much-loved Bovino steakhouse. 

Back at the hotel over the two nights, it was easy to get into sleep mode. With the lighting just right, I set the SleepHub® machine to waves crashing against the coast. With two speakers, the sounds filled the room and for the first time in a long time, my thoughts were clear and I drifted off to sleep with ease. 

So can a sleep hotel fix your sleep? 

Yes and no. Visiting The Magnolia Hotel and enjoying all Quinta de Lago has to offer made me more relaxed than I had been in a long time. A stunning setting in such a beautiful country meant my mind’s worries were a world away. 

It’s a cliche but being next to the sea is good for the soul. That vibe was carried into the hotel rooms with the SleepHub® machine. 

Truthfully, it’s hard not to sleep well in a place like Quinta de Lago. Time seems to move slower, the lifestyle is peaceful and life’s worries exist but aren’t as loud. 

Coming home, my sleep was definitely easier after a getaway, but I still had issues. 

However, what a sleep hotel can do for you is to show you the importance of slowing down. 

Constantly on the move, working and trying to do as much as possible, meant my mind never truly shut off. 

So now, I take my time. I ease into every day and whenever I can, I take moments to truly breathe and relax. 

And on the nights when I find myself tossing and turning, I turn on the sound of waves crashing against the coast on my phone. 

Then suddenly, I’m back in Quinta de Lago and I drift away to sleep. 

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