Cabin crew reveal why 2A and 19F are the most popular seats on a plane

THE best seats when travelling with Virgin may come as a surprise to some.

Cabin crew member Grace Ferguson explained why the two best seats on Virgin Australia are 2A, in first class, and 19F.

As a business class seat, 2A might be an obvious choice, but 19F in economy has its own unique perks, Grace told

She explained: "On all aircraft types across the Virgin Australia network, 2A is a business class suite or seat, which offers priority boarding, extra baggage space and allowance and a menu created by resident chef Luke Mangan.

"2A is also popular as it also offers a little more privacy than the first row and has fantastic views, as there is no sight of the overwing.

However, she explained why 19F, a seat much further back, should be booked over any other economy seat.

Grace continued: "19F is so popular because it’s in the middle of the aircraft, which generally has more luggage space available, so you don’t have to rush on-board first, you can wait until the lines are a little smaller, enjoy your coffee and avoid that hectic rush."

She said 19F had gained popularity on Virgin Australia’s Boeing 737-800 aircraft because of its position — a window seat, about halfway in the cabin, on the right-hand side.

She added: "A hot tip: If you’re flying into Sydney, the right-hand side of the aircraft generally has the best views of the city so you can get that all-important Insta pic."

Grace explained that passengers typically sought good leg room, comfort, entertainment and usually a window or an aisle when reserving their seat on a flight.

Her top tips include also looking for seats in the overwing exit, or in the middle of the aircraft for "more luggage space".

Grace even had something positive to say about the dreaded middle seat: "Nobody wants that cheeky middle seat, but it is also a great way to start a chat with the people sitting next to you.

When it came to her own favourite place to sit, she explained where she always looked to sit before travelling.

She said: "I’ll take a seat anywhere, but my favourite seat travelling domestically in Australia would be the overwing exit window seat, which offers extra leg room and is available by booking Economy X [premium economy]."

Virgin Atlantic travellers have also raved about "The Bubble" – an economy cabin with first class service.

Found up a flight of stairs above the rest of the cabin, passengers can get bigger seats and dedicated cabin crew during the flight.

However, it can only be found on some flights between Orlando and Las Vegas.

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