Brexit boost to the pound gives Brits even better value holiday money – with Turkey among the best – The Sun

BRITS can get more for their money on holiday thanks to a boost to the pound from Brexit.

Following the UK's departure from the EU, the pound has strengthened against 32 currencies around the world according to new research.

Comparing the rates from last year to this year, the Post Office Travel Money found Turkey to be one of the best options thanks to the strong pound against the lira.

For every £500, you can now get £79.69 more compared to last February.

There are currently some great deals for holidays to Turkey, with seven nights all-inclusive from just £239pp.

Currencies for Hungary, Norway and Australia are all much weaker compared to the pound this year, meaning you could get £44.02, £42.20 and £31 extra, respectively.

It's good news for holidays in Europe too, as Brits can also get more euros compared to last year – up to £17.57 more compared to last February.

However, it is bad news for those with holidays booked for Egypt or Costa Rica – currencies for both countries now cost more compared to last year.

You now get £55.09 less for every £500 when buying Egyptian pounds, and £39.39 less when buying the Costa Rican colon.

Currencies for Thailand, Bali and Mexico have all become stronger against the pound – meaning you don't get as much – while the US dollar is only marginally weaker compared to the pound.

Nick Boden, Head of Post Office Travel Money, explained: "UK tourists can do even better by picking a destination where the cost of living is low so they benefit from both the stronger pound and low prices in resort restaurants and shops."

However, he warned Brits looking to book ahead that the pound is entering "uncharted territory" ahead of Brexit trade deals, so it's best to buy when the currency is at a high.

Travelling to Europe isn't expected to change following Brexit, with flights, visas and passports remaining the same.

EHIC cards will also remain valid for 2020, which provides free healthcare in the EU.

Other good value holiday destinations this year include Bulgaria and Japan, while Italy is one of the worst.

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