Boeing’s new jet has seriously swish suites but wait until you see the lounge

Boeing has unveiled its brand new $442.8 million (approx £350million) business jet, the Boeing 777X and it’s set to make for a seriously luxurious journey.

The company has offered a glimpse into what life will be like for passengers by releasing design concepts for the interiors from three firms, which show the types of cabins the aircraft can host.

For a start, forget being crammed into a seat with little leg room and personal space.

Here there are entire bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, huge wardrobes (what hand luggage rules?), and large comfortable double beds. Jet lag could quickly become a thing of the past.

As for communal areas, no need to stand awkwardly blocking the aisle for a bit of space.

The jets will have plenty of space for huge lounges with sofas, tables and even office spaces if need be, while there are designs for dining rooms with a wide choice of seating. No need to balance it all on a tiny tray table.

This is a luxury jet after all. But it’s not just the cabin interiors which are causing quite the stir amidst aviation fans.

Boeing claims that the 777X aircraft can fly over half way around the world, further than any other business jet that’s been built so far.

There are two models on offer; the BBJ 777-8, and the BBJ 777-9.

The BBJ 777-8 offers the longest range of 11,645 nautical miles (21,570 km) and a spacious 3,256 sq. ft. (302.5 sq m) cabin, while the BBJ 777-9 model has a larger cabin at 3,689 sq. ft. (342.7 sq m), but a slightly shorter range of 11,000 nautical miles (20,370 km).

Design firms Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation, and Unique Aircraft Design are behind the interior concepts, but the company says that the models of the cabin open up "almost unlimited interior design options".

Boeing unveiled the swish new aircraft at the Middle East Business Aviation Association Show (MEBAA).

Greg Laxton, head of Boeing Business Jets said: "Our most exclusive customers want to travel with the best space and comfort and fly directly to their destination. The new BBJ 777X will be able to do this like no other airplane before it, redefining ultra-long range VIP travel."

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