Blake Shelton Reveals How Gwen Stefani Reacted to the Idea of Her Proposing

Don’t plan on Gwen Stefani popping the question to Blake Shelton!

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the country singer, 42, shared his girlfriend’s reaction to his idea that she should be the one to propose.

“She goes, ‘You know this is not how this is gonna work,’” Shelton told ET.

The “God’s Country” singer first mused about Stefani, 49, being the one to pop the question last week while he was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The talk show host, 61, gave Shelton a clock with a picture of him and Stefani, meant to motivate the pair to get engaged — as she did back in February for Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

“So Jennifer Lopez was here and I wanted to help her out with A-Rod, because she wanted to marry him, obviously like Gwen wants to marry you,” DeGeneres told Shelton.

“And I gave her a clock that she could give to him, like the clock is ticking, time is passing,” DeGeneres said. “I gave her the clock, and literally a week later he proposed to her.” (J-Rod announced their engagement in March.)

“So Mother’s Day is coming up, and I have something for you to give to her,” DeGeneres told Shelton, before handing him a similar giant clock with a picture of Shelton and Stefani sharing a kiss.

“So you’re saying, there’s a chance she’s gonna ask me to marry her, with this clock?” Shelton joked.

“I’ll call her tonight,” DeGeneres replied. “I’ll tell her she’s waiting for you.”

Shelton and Stefani have been dating since the fall of 2015, when they met as coaches on the set of The Voice. Over the years, the couple have gotten increasingly serious. Shelton has even gotten close to the No Doubt singer’s sons Kingston, 12, Zuma, 10 and Apollo, 5, taking them to the premiere of his animated movie UglyDolls in Los Angeles late last month.

Last December, the country singer told the Today show he and Stefani “aren’t just dating, you know,” adding: “This is something that I feel like is meant to be. I’ve learned more from Gwen Stefani as a human being, and how to grow as a human being, than I have from anybody ever in my life — anybody.”

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